Beat Connection


Seattle based Beat Connection are Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger, with special performances by Tom Eddy on tracks 2 and 6 of their Surf Noir EP, which was released 06 July 2010.  This is a highly contagious album that enjoys the likes of up beat harmonics, catchy guitar riffs, good beats and a balanced mixing.

“Noir” isn’t necessarily something you’ll hear on top 40 radio.  But for those that steer away from the norm, this album will quench your thirst.  If you prefer the likes of Australian based Cut Copy or Empire of the Sun, you will definitely appreciate Beat Connection’s Surf Pop sound.  Great for the summer time,  “Surf Noir” is a mellow, yet happy mix that is exactly what we expect from a trip to the shore.

As Jason Baxter with The Stranger Put it:

“Ever since I wrote about “In the Water” as “serious summer jam” back in July the track has taken on a life of its own.  There’s no need to reiterate Beat Connection’s rise to fame and acclaim, but it’s worth noting that a lot of credit for their rapid ascension is likely owed to the palpable power of this track.  Everything in it fires on all cylinders—the throbbing club bass, the splashy percussive touches (in lieu of canned handclaps), the wordless, vocoded melodies, and the irresistible faux-steel drum synthwork.  For me, this was the sound of summer, and every time I saw it performed live, it sent the crowd into an ecstatic frenzy.”

We hear they’ve got some new tracks cooking and we hope to hear them at this years Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle July 22 – 24th.  We look forward to hearing more from them.




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