Jeremy Jones

Words:  Keith Hamm  Photos:  Dan Milner As of this writing, Jeremy Jones is posted up deep in the Alaskan wilderness, scouting his next batch of trophy lines. Even for a man widely considered the best big-mountain snowboarder on the planet, these sorts of expeditions are gambles of the highest order. If he reads the weather […]

Yvon Chouinard

In many circles — especially the ones created by the women and men featured in this magazine — Yvon Chouinard needs no introduction. His rise from a feral big-wall climber living off dented cans of cat food to internationally acclaimed founder of Patagonia outdoor equipment company has etched a permanent record in the lore of environmentalism. Along the way, […]

Bob Burnquist

  In the world of professional skateboarding, Bob Burnquist belongs to a generation of dirtbag groundbreakers who came of age when the so-called sport wasn’t considered a sport at all.  Back then, roughly 20 years ago, skate pros didn’t have corporate bankrolling and mainstream ubiquity.  At best, they had modest travel budgets, slim royalties from […]

Kohl Christensen

In a time when kids are doing whatever it takes to become a professional surfer, Kohl Christensen landed a sponsorship after he was in his thirties.  His perspective lies beyond money, hype, brands and image.  Prolific had a chance to meet Kohl and hear his thoughts on solar power, wwoofing, death in surfing and, most […]