Jeremy Jones

Words:  Keith Hamm  Photos:  Dan Milner As of this writing, Jeremy Jones is posted up deep in the Alaskan wilderness, scouting his next batch of trophy lines. Even for a man widely considered the best big-mountain snowboarder on the planet, these sorts of expeditions are gambles of the highest order. If he reads the weather […]

Yvon Chouinard

In many circles — especially the ones created by the women and men featured in this magazine — Yvon Chouinard needs no introduction. His rise from a feral big-wall climber living off dented cans of cat food to internationally acclaimed founder of Patagonia outdoor equipment company has etched a permanent record in the lore of environmentalism. Along the way, […]

Tycho / ISO50

Quite often, focus on one skill can overshadow another.  And more often, focus on the wrong skill can stifle a hidden talent.  Scott Hansen, AKA Tycho and ISO50 has been able to maintain a long love of graphic design while awakening another talent – music.  This found talent has allowed him to improve and continue […]

Mickey Smith

  A Silent Workhorse of the Surfing World Interview: Keane, Photos: Smith Those that partake in the sport of surfing understand the experience.  “Only a surfer knows the feeling” as the saying goes.  For the addicted surfer longing to relive the experience, or for those that do not partake in the sport, water photographs and […]

Bob Burnquist

  In the world of professional skateboarding, Bob Burnquist belongs to a generation of dirtbag groundbreakers who came of age when the so-called sport wasn’t considered a sport at all.  Back then, roughly 20 years ago, skate pros didn’t have corporate bankrolling and mainstream ubiquity.  At best, they had modest travel budgets, slim royalties from […]

Pam Longobardi

Pam Longobardi has the eye of an artist, the mind of a scientist, and a heart of an activist.  Take these profound qualities, with a soul deeply tangled with the ocean, and you have the perfect recipe of traits for a person bound for significance.  It seems Pam was born to demonstrate what’s scientifically and socially wrong with our ocean.  Prolific […]

Kohl Christensen

In a time when kids are doing whatever it takes to become a professional surfer, Kohl Christensen landed a sponsorship after he was in his thirties.  His perspective lies beyond money, hype, brands and image.  Prolific had a chance to meet Kohl and hear his thoughts on solar power, wwoofing, death in surfing and, most […]


  Every so often an individual comes along that possesses both aptitude and skill coupled with enthusiasm and deep fervor.  As she talked about lack of sleep and committing to art daily, I was reminded of the great Thomas Edison.  In every way, creativity seems to be oozing out of her pours.  If we could […]

The Dark Side of the Lens

                      The Dark Side Of The Lens, a short film from renowned surf photographer Mickey Smith. Smith worked with Allan Wilson (director of photography) from the Astray Collective to present a side to surfing that few of us, as observers or surfers, will glimpse: the […]