Eddie Vedder – Kamaka Ukulele

Eddie Vedder Signed Uke

Eddie Vedder Signed Uke

Ferry County Rail Trail Partners have announced the auction of an ukulele signed by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam to coincide with National Trails Day: June 4th and running until June 12th.  All proceeds from the sale will go to Ferry County Rail Trail Partners and will support the planning and development of the County’s 28-mile rail trail project.

The 28-mile corridor has been essential infrastructure in Ferry County Washington for over one hundred years.  While trains no longer run, and the rails will soon be removed, through rail banking they can return.  The county plans to use the corridor to install utilities and a non-motorized trail.

A hand written note from Eddie Vedder accompanies the auction:

“To whom it may concern, This note goes along with the four string Kamaka ukulele that I’m hereby donating for a good cause with regards to Ferry County”.  Vedder also states that the ukulele was used during the recording of his new critically acclaimed solo record, “Ukulele Songs.”  The note finishes with “I hope it finds a good home and is able to help keep the country country.”

The auction is closed, but you can see the price it went for here at Ebay.

For more information on the Ferry County Trail, visit:  www.ferrycountyrailtrail.com

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