On The Road with Solitaire: Episode IV – Low Tide


Check out Sweetgrass Films latest installment of “On The Road with Solitaire”.  This is part 4 of a 12  webisode series following Sweetgrass Productions in the making of their new two-year project, the South American backcountry ski and snowboarding film “Solitaire.”  Solitaire fuses western-inspired tales of back country gambles into landscapes never before visited on film.


Episode IV: Low Tide:  The Sweetgrass family lands in Las Lenas, Argentina, for several weeks fending off women, beef, and various strains of the common cold in hopes of actually making some turns on snow.

Sweetgrass Productions is a Colorado-based film company rooted in winter backcountry and mountain culture.  They dedicate their time to filming remote freeride lines, from snowsurf and snowboard to alpine and tele.  While the athletes focus on the riding, they focus on the art.  Sweetgrass focuses on blending the two into what they call film, both form and content.

As they guys at Sweetgrass put it:

“It’s the people that make filmmaking interesting, and our work is about spending a long time in one place. It’s more than just backcountry skiing, it’s about the mountains, and the people who love them, about the light, the shadows, and the emotion that changes with their balance. A cloudy icy slope and a sunny powder line produce two different moods, two different riders, and two different filmmakers. Our films are based in this knowledge that there is more to a mountain than fresh snow and a big line; there are stories to be told.”

The episodes of “Solitaire” will be published the third week of every month.  Stay tuned for the next one.



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