The Bicycle City

The Bicycle City is a soon-to-be feature length documentary examining the benefits of the bicycle as a mode of transportation.

Greg Sucharew director, and his crew, recently spent two months in Nicaragua to document how such a simple mechanism as the bike has helped the people of the war-ravaged town of Rivas rebuild their community, and make it a better place.  There, bicycles are an integral part of daily life, allowing people to go where cars can’t take them (due to lacking road infrastructure and exorbitant fuel costs) thus providing the population with access to cheap and clean transportation.

The film is now in post-production. While Greg has several pending grant applications, he wants to keep the momentum going.  Their most immediate need is to get dozens of hours of interviews translated from Spanish to English.  For information on how you can help donate to complete the film, visit

If you want to go a step further by helping the less fortunate, like those in Rivas, get the mobility they need for a better life, and perhaps recycling that old bike you have gathering dust in the garage, donate your bicycle to Pedals for Progress, the non-profit profiled in the film.



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